Iris Wildros’ frame-by-frame animations are as meditative to make as they are to watch

The Swedish multidisciplinary artist and animator uses her work to respond to her experience of ADHD, “seeking to create accessible spaces for our minds to breathe”.

22 January 2024

With gradients, shading and natural imagery, Iris Wildros’ meticulously crafted frame-by-frame animations have a hypnotic effect. But what’s particularly nice to learn is that they’re as pleasing to make as they are to watch. “I find the act of creating many frames in a row quite meditative,” says Iris, “and my hope is that the visuals I create may act as a kind of visual meditation or a space for the mind, for those who choose to experience them too.” Iris uses her work to explore existential themes, like the ephemerality of life, and the existence of memory and dreams. “I find that curiously zooming in on various parts of these subjects helps me to little by little process their otherwise overwhelming nature,” she says.

Another important focal point for Iris’ is the “nature of time”, creating pieces that seem to have neither a start nor end. Nearly all of her visuals are animated loops, and while they only last for a matter of seconds, “their looping nature could continue endlessly”. We suspect a lot of people may find themselves mesmerised.

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Copyright © Iris Wildros, 2024

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