isobel/Paul Thompson: 2014 Christmas Card

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Find inner peace with the 2014 Christmas card from creative agency isobel

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this time of year we get a fair bit of festive tat sent into the studio, which makes anything Christmas-related that is actually good stand out all the more. One of the things we actually always look forward to seeing is the Christmas card from London agency isobel, which we first feted on the site two years ago. In the past their offerings have included an homage to The Sound of Music (2007), a team of Glee-style cheerleaders (2010) and most memorably of all a tribute to the paintings of the Dutch Masters (2011), but this year they’ve plumped for something a little more monastic.

There’s actually very little computer trickery in the buddhism-inspired image; rather a three-hour session involving stylists and skull caps did the trick. The result – conceived by isobel creative partner, Rob Fletcher and photographed by Paul Thompson – is silly, funny and undeniably zen. Good work team isobel!


isobel/Paul Thompson: 2014 Christmas Card


isobel/Paul Thompson: 2014 Christmas Card (sketch)


isobel/Paul Thompson: 2014 Christmas Card preparation


isobel/Paul Thompson: 2014 Christmas Card (sketch)


isobel/Paul Thompson: Masters of the House


isobel/Paul Thompson: The Sound of Music


isobel/Paul Thompson:The Accountants