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It’s Nice That Version 3

We’re super pleased to launch the ‘new look’ It’s Nice That. Although it might not seem as though we’ve made massive amounts of changes, we’ve spent time cleaning up/tweaking a number of existing elements, as well as working hard to introduce new features, including (excitingly, we feel) a What’s On listings. Carry on reading for further details…


The Regulars section is home to our popular Guest Post and Things features, as well as newly added Bookshelf – a regular look into what occupies the shelves of some of your favourite creatives (first post to go live this Saturday). A further addition to the Regulars section is a Links page, that documents our favourite, most highly recommended sites on the web. Look out for more additions to this page in the coming weeks, including a Student of the Month feature. More soon…


The publications page provides details of the first four issues of the publication (surprisingly!). Look out for Issue 5 later this year, which will come complete with a few minor changes in reaction to points made by you in the questionnaire at the end of last year. A big thanks to everyone that took the time out to tell us what they thought, and we look forward to showing you the results of it in March.


As we do more and more events alongside the blog and publication, you’ll be able to find all the details here. Look out for a new talks series coming in the next few months.

What’s On

This is the big one. We are now pleased to offer a curated listings of exhibitions and events we recommend. Initially dealing with London-based events, you can now find details of 24 current shows that we’ll be regularly adding to and updating. We understand that not everyone lives or spends time in London, but we’re keen to find out how people use the feature and what information they want before we roll it out to other cities. For the large proportion of our audience that does live in London, please let us know what you think. Later this week you should also be able to have a version that works across all iPhone and Android phones. More information will be available soon…


We have also updated the look and functionality of our Jobsboard, which looks to bridge the gap between the classic ‘pay per post’ board and the completely free boards. We want to offer you the opportunity to advertise your position on It’s Nice That for free, but we will ask for a small, one-off fee of £50 if your position is filled as a result of it being seen here. You’ll also notice we’re looking to fill 2 jobs here at It’s Nice That. Check the board for more details…


The It’s Nice That shop continues to grow and will maintain steady additions throughout the coming month. Look out for more details via the Highlights spot at the top right of every page, as well as via our Twitter stream or Facebook page.