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More bonkers and surreal selfies from Izumi Miyazaki

The first time we encountered Izumi Miyazaki, she was alternating between using two French sticks as bunny ears, reimagining her dinner as a UFO and creating a sandwich out of her own head. Since then, the young photographer has been up to similar japes, but documenting them in a more sophisticated style, this time working with such disparate props as tinned tomatoes (reconfigured into neck gore) and a fish that splits in tune with her own head. As ever, her work is bonkers; but veering just enough into cute territory to steer away from being too gory.

It turns out the art world has caught onto her and fallen in love with her strange brand of selfies as much as we have, with Luxembourg’s Wild Project Gallery hosting a show of her work entitled Cute & Cruel from 30 June – 30 July this year.

“Izumi’s self-portraits practice cold humour and often feature absurd performances,” says the gallery. “If she never smiles in her photographs, it is probably to express her loneliness and maybe the difficulty of a connected youth to live in a real world. Izumi enjoys creating poetic and moving sceneries.”


Izumi Miyazaki: Consciousness


Izumi Miyazaki: Measure


Izumi Miyazaki: Fish


Izumi Miyazaki