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Illustration: Step into the explosive world of Jack Kirby’s double page spreads

Before Timely was Marvel and National became DC, a young Jacob Kurzberg was slowly but surely redefining the way the kids of America read comic books, innovating with his use of narrative, composition and cinematic perspective. The virtuoso illustrator used a multitude of pen names depending on the title he was pencilling or inking, eventually settling on Jack Kirby – now arguably the most legendary name in the history of the comic book medium.

He worked for DC and Marvel simultaneously, co-created X-Men, The Hulk and The Fantastic Four (you remember those multimillion dollar franchises right?) and was one of the first comic book artists to take a hugely successful punt at animating his work.

Now, almost a decade after his death – because the internet is brilliant – you can get your hands on a huge number of his double page spreads from a number of different titles over the years, all on a handy Flickr account. Derek Langille has been busy sourcing, and compiling them all into a single location for your geeky pleasure. We’re forever in his debt for taking the time to archive the achievements of a former creative mastermind. POW!


Jack Kirby: 2001, A Space Odyssey Treasury Edition


Jack Kirby: 2001 #03


Jack Kirby: Eternals #11


Jack Kirby: Captain America #196


Jack Kirby: 2001 #05


Jack Kirby: 2001, A Space Odyssey Treasury Edition