Work / Illustration

Jade Schulz’s atmospheric and imaginative editorial illustrations

Currently based in Maryland, USA, illustrator Jade Schulz is tackling editorial commissions with imagination and flair. Encapsulating subjects like revelling in people’s pain, the battle with temptation and struggling with college debt, Jade gives these ambiguous issues a tangible depth and intrigue. 

Communicating these changes in mood and topic is Jade’s on-point colour choice. Her peaches and greens have a serene air that conveys more lighthearted topics like dating and parenting, while the heavy greens and blacks allude to a darker tone within her compositions. Jade’s work stood out to us at the beginning of this year with her fierce alphabet made out of bodacious women, but the illustrator’s portfolio is more than just sexy lettering. A loose style full of lovely textures and the odd brushstroke, Jade’s hand-made approach is a refreshing alternative to the digital creations editorial clients often favour.


Jade Schulz: Parents at the Altar of the Sleeping Baby


Jade Schulz: Holding Yourself Back


Jade Schulz: When a Food Writer Can’t Taste


Jade Schulz: Struggling with Temptation


Jade Schulz: The Pleasurable Immersion in the Stories of Other People’s Pain


Jade Schulz: Police Brutality Distracts from Income Inequality


Jade Schulz: Drowning in College Debt