Jeahyo Lee: 0121-1110=106052, 2006

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Jaehyo Lee creates bewildering forms from simple materials and high-craft

Jaehyo Lee is a Korean artist who has a very distinctive way of manipulating form, not just through moulding but by cutting, in a way totally un-compromised by the natural shape of the original material. Working with basic materials, Jaehyo performs simple albeit labour-intensive operations, in particular, with nails in charred wood. The nails protrude in a perfectly measured surface, their heads bent in strategic directions so that the overall impression is one of movement and changing depth with each nail looking like a mark on paper. These meticulously constructed physical drawings are a bewildering thing in the flesh and lucky for us in London, they are now on show at the Hada Contemporary until May 30.


Jeahyo Lee: 0121-1110=105102, 2005


Jeahyo Lee: 0121-1110=1090516, 2009


Jeahyo Lee: 0121-1110=108063, 2008


Jeahyo Lee: 0121-1110=108084, 2008


Jeahyo Lee: 0121-1110=106052, 2006


Jeahyo Lee: 0121-1110=109122, 2009