Jaime Zuverza: Weird Party

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Brill poster designer Jaime Zuverza shows off his hand-drawn type

If you ever want to read a truly inspiring interview with one of the coolest designers out there, look no further than this one with Jaime Zuverza we ran on the site back in 2013. In it Jaime said: “Lately I have been inspired by the strange things the body and mind create. I think those things must be welcomed in a friendly manner. The body produces blood, tears, boogers, vomit, caca, gas, wax, urine, spit, odours, etc. The mind produces dreams, hallucinations, delusions, paranoid associations, psychic vibes, phobias, visions. All of these things are usually kept hidden but they play a big part in people’s daily lives.”

You can see why he’s one of my total faves. His work is two booger-covered fingers up at the rest of the design and illustration world, and has graced music posters, album covers and book covers since 2010. He’s updated his site with a text-only section in which he’s removed his brilliant hand-drawn typography out of the posters and away from his weird collages so it can breathe on its own for your viewing pleasure. It’s imperfect, crude, retro and silly, and should inspire those out there who can’t get to grips with InDesign just to pick up a pen and get yourself near a scanner ASAP to see what you can do. Never thought you could make a cool typeface that looks like a bunch of wigs? Read ’em and weep.


Jaime Zuverza: Sacred Land Grab


Jaime Zuverza: Spider House


Jaime Zuverza: Panthar


Jaime Zuverza: Ringo Deathstarr


Jaime Zuverza: Mondo Fuzz


Jaime Zuverza: Indudero


Jaime Zuverza: Leaders of the Gang


Jaime Zuverza: Hotel Vegas


Jaime Zuverza: Weird Party