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Jeremy Sengly’s collection of curiously comical animations

Jeremy Sengly is an illustrator and animator based in Los Angeles. Currently working as the head of animation at Super Deluxe his work is a mix of contemporary design combined with absolute hilarity.

When asked how he found his place in the creative field, Jeremy says: “I curled up in the foetal position and sweated profusely for several years. When I woke up I had achieved my goal: I was a professional artist,” – a description that sums up his ironic sense of humour and work. Inspired by “Park Chan-wook, Milton Glaser, Sally Cruikshank, Gary Panter, Kazuo Umezu, and LA business mascots” one of Jeremy’s most recognisable pieces of work is Double Cup, an animated music video for Major Lazer. It makes for addictive watching, with every lyric popping on to the screen in a clever and dynamic way.

Alongside larger projects some of Jeremy’s finest work is the constant flow of gifs he updates on his website, where the animator has repurposed the comic book format in a way that’s ideal delivery for his puns.

According to the artist, he is currently finishing up a short film about growing up Cambodian in the midwest, and a comic about cacti and freedom.


Jeremy Sengly: Igloo


Jeremy Sengly: Trees


Jeremy Sengly: Weave


Jeremy Sengly: Sweet Revenge


Jeremy Sengly: Phone Ants


Jeremy Sengly: Dog Printer