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Illustration: Check out the frantic creations of illustrator Jess Wilson

London-based illustrator Jess Wilson has been on our radar for some time. We’ve seen her work at shows, admired her live art at events and featured some beautiful prints she’s sent us in Things. But we’ve never done a fully-formed song and dance about her and her work. Until now! Jess makes fantastically engaging images with whatever materials she can get her hands on; from coloured pencils, crayons, pastels and pens, to ink, paint, screen print and temporary tattoos.

What’s particularly great about Jess’ work is the amount of energy she manages to pack into each drawing. Every one is loaded with frantic energy, scribbled with what seems like a fiendish urgency. In spite of that her drawings are remarkably cohesive, striking a balance between being rough and ready and considerately composed.


Jess Wilson: Labour Behind the Label


Jess Wilson: Labour Behind the Label (detail)


Jess Wilson: Labour Behind the Label (detail)


Jess Wilson: Ghost Busters


Jess Wilson: Top Gun


Jess Wilson: HSBC Magazine


Jess Wilson: TMG