Jochen Gerner: Feux de croisement (n°2) (detail)

Work / Illustration

Fascinating comics and illustration reappropriation from Jochen Gerner

Jochen Gerner’s work is difficult to place, not least because a lot of it’s about displacement. Blacking out (and censuring?) old comics, covering pages with coloured patterns, turning sequential art into something abstract and taking well known images from the history of art, zoning in and reconfiguring them, Gerner is an illustrator and cartoonist dedicated to doing something different. Aa a member of OuBaPo (Ouvroir de bande dessinée potentielle) a group using formal constraints to push the boundaries of comics, he’s part of a movement seeing and creating comics in a new way.

We’ve featured his varied work before, and to celebrate his current solo exhibition, Oil chloroform, at My.monkey gallery in Nancy, France, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of his most recent output.

Oil chloroform: exhibition of Jochen Gerner is on at My.monkey until 29 March.


Jochen Gerner: Johnny perd l’équilibre (detail)


Jochen Gerner: Période diluvienne (n°17)


Jochen Gerner: Pop (n°7)


Jochen Gerner: Tarzan


Jochen Gerner: Johnny Lost His Balance (detail)


Jochen Gerner: Replay


Jochen Gerner: 25 August 1914 (detail)