Jock Mooney: Vom Shit Dog #1

Work / Illustration

Jock Mooney’s puerile sculptures put it all in perspective

Jock Mooney is probably not of sound mind. His sculptural works reduce the world to its most primitive, vulgar elements. Dogs with irritable bowels and extreme nausea are rife within his portfolio, as are zombie transvestites, three-breasted ladies and schoolgirls disguised as landscapes. What is he trying to tell us about the world? That we’re all just floating around in a sea of faecal matter, that everything’s just one big joke? Probably not. Probably nothing. But we don’t care because we just bleedin’ love his work. It’s frivolous, exuberant, chaotic – and all sorts of other adjectives you’d use to describe a wayward toddler – and it brings a terrifically wide grin to our faces. For that Mr. Mooney, we thank you.


Jock Mooney: St Francis (Tropical Remix)


Jock Mooney: Nanna


Jock Mooney: Two Schoolgirls Dressed as an Autumnal Landscape


Jock Mooney: Vom Shit Dog #3


Jock Mooney: Debbie’s Arm


Jock Mooney: Drying Rack (Glasgow)


Jock Mooney: Dead Moomin