Jody Rogac: Amy Groves

Work / Photography

Jody Rogac’s stunning portraits makes the effortlessly cool look even cooler

What strikes you when you first feast your eyes on photographer Jody Rogac’s portfolio of tremendous portraits is what a cool, exceptionally good-looking bunch it is that she photographs. Seriously, if looks could kill – with their sweeping locks and chiselled cheekbones- this bunch would be a truly terrifying lot.

However take a second look and it isn’t long before you realise that although Jody’s subjects are clearly well endowed in the good looks department, truthfully it is Jody’s undeniable talent as a photographer that makes these portraits (and the subjects themselves) look truly phenomenal. Photographing each of her models with a restrained starkness and capturing a beautiful sense of personality and character while still managing to maintain a sense of intrigue, Jody’s photographs are just stunning.


Jody Rogac: Laetitia Casta


Jody Rogac: Claire Boucher (Grimes)


Jody Rogac: Kyla Jamieson


Jody Rogac: Renee Lilley


Jody Rogac: Rebecca Brewer


Jody Rogac: Pamela Love