Joe Wilson: Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan film poster (details)

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Slick film posters and incredible draughtsmanship from Joe Wilson

Flippin’ ‘eck, we’re rather startled to find that we’ve never featured Joe Wilson on the site before save for a single image included in a Little White Lies show post way back in the summer of 2011. Allow us to rectify that oversight Joe…

Joe’s a UK-based illustrator and film buff working in a style that’s reliant on a phenomenal attention to detail and precision draughtsmanship. This boy can really draw. Working in pencil, ink and digital colour, Joe creates rich, complex illustrations that evoke vintage movie posters, pulp novels and comics from the 1970s but with a contemporary feel (often the result of Joe’s digital colour palettes). His line work is exemplary and draws inspiration from comic book heroes like Charles Burns, striking a careful balance between fluid lines and dense areas of black. We’d be surprised if you’ve not come across some of Joe’s work out there in the real world already as he’s worked with a pretty impressive range of clients, but if not, here he is in all his glory.


Joe Wilson: Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan film poster


Joe Wilson: Princess Mononoke for Blisters Directors Cut


Joe Wilson: The Man With Compound Eyes


Joe Wilson: Trainspotting


Joe Wilson: Throne of Blood


Joe Wilson: H.B Halicki in the original Gone In 60 Seconds