Work / Illustration

Poppy, unpretentious work from Hamburg-based illustrator Johanna Noack

Hamburg based illustrator Johanna Noack’s work is infused with pop art influences, both in its style and postmodern approach. She takes elements from everyday life and mixes them with wry self-referential moments: for one exhibition, she Photoshopped her own images onto an interior roomscape, then exhibited the final piece on a gallery wall, for instance.

Taking the mark making of the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, her work is as commercially minded as it is unpretentious, and has seen her create work for Breda’s Graphic Design Festival, various German magazines and exhibitions across her home country. While the bright colours and complex patterns of her busier scenes are striking, where we feel her work really shines is in the simpler forms, like a pair of tights twitching for no reason, or a little coloured ball gently rolling down someone’s leg.

Johanna Noack: Twitchy Tights
Johanna Noack: Delicious Snack
Johanna Noack: Broad City Still Life
Johanna Noack: Coffee
Johanna Noack: Sport Art
Johanna Noack: Zeit Magazin still life
Johanna Noack: Delicious Snack