Jon Han: Fallow

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Illustration: Jon Han’s anachronistic illustrations depict the modern age beautifully

Californian artist and illustrator Jon Han makes work that’s unlike anything else we’ve seen. though his practice is predominantly grounded in painting, he regularly brings digital elements into the mix that pull otherwise traditional illustration into the here and now – slicing and dicing with Photoshop. This strangely anachronistic approach to illustration lends itself beautifully to the documentation of the present day, in which we’re stuck between a hyper-technological future and the practices of the past, meaning Jon’s regularly commissioned by the likes of The New York Times, The New Yorker, Plan Sponsor and Businessweek for his on-point observations. We really can’t think of a better person to document our strange daily lives.


Jon Han: Call To Action


Jon Han: Communication


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Jon Han: Innovate


Jon Han: Luck


Jon Han: Trade-off