Jonathan Glynn-Smith: Jessica Ennis

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Love or hate the Olympics, Jonathan Glynn-Smith’s photographs are amazing

Okay hands up, we know that over these past few weeks we (and the whole of the UK for that matter) have sort of bombarded you with Olympics, Olympics and more Olympics but we couldn’t resist just one more, especially when that one more comes in the shape of John Glynn-Smith’s intimate Olympic portraits.

Taken over the course of the 16 months leading up to this summer’s Olympic Games, Jonathan’s photography captures the athletes in spectacularly unique way. Taken long before the games actually started, the photographs can’t be beaten in terms of the way they capture the anxiety, excitement and the solitude experienced most prominently in each athletes personal lead up to the games.

When the photographs were taken Jessica Ennis could only dream of just quite how brilliant she’d be, Ben Ainslie had only a humble four medals to his name and Tom Daley was still as desirable in a wet shirt to most teenagers across the UK as he is today. But regardless of any of that and regardless of whether you love the Olympics or not, Jonathan Glynn-Smith’s photographs really are absolutely fantastic and well worth a little look.


Jonathan Glynn-Smith: Tom Daley


Jonathan Glynn-Smith: Photography


Jonathan Glynn-Smith: Photography


Jonathan Glynn-Smith: Photography


Jonathan Glynn-Smith: Photography


Jonathan Glynn-Smith: Photography