JooHee Yoon: New York Times Sunday Review

Work / Illustration

JooHee Yoon uses traditional printmaking techniques to create beautiful illustrations

While we like artists to have passion for their craft we also like to find out a little bit about them too, so when we heard about ridiculously talented illustrator JooHee Yoon and her passion for “cooking obscure root vegetables”, we instantly developed a bit of a soft spot for her (how could you not!).

But while the obscure root vegetable thing is cool, it is her illustrations that have got us really excited. With her intricate detailing, use of soft contrasting colour tones and seeming soft-spot for animals, they are quite a crowd-pleaser. Creating most of her pieces using a range of traditional printmaking techniques, it is obvious that JooHee is passionate about her process and with a client list including the likes of The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vegetarian Times (insert root vegetable joke here) and Nobrow, it looks as if she is not running too shy of the recognition her mighty illustrations deserve either.


JooHee Yoon: Monster Cat (personal work)


JooHee Yoon: Nobrow


JooHee Yoon: Coyote (personal work)


JooHee Yoon: Plansponsor Europe Magazine


JooHee Yoon: New York Times


JooHee Yoon: Willamette Weekly