Cover of the Life Unlucky © Jordan Crane

Work / Publication

Cartoonist Jordan Crane and his excellent What Things Do site

What Things Do is great, really, I couldn’t spend enough time on there. It’s a stopping place for full-length comics complete with impossibly great cover art, and the names and work that sit on it read like a register of the new and old school of cartooning and comics influencers.

The motivation of its creator, Jordan Crane, could not express my own sentiments more: “We want to read comics, good comics, a lot of them, and all the time.” Somehow WTD brings together, regularly and without a blink of the collective curatorial eye, a brilliant resource and worthy platform for the medium.

“We want to read comics, good comics, a lot of them, and all the time.”

Jordan Crane, What Things Do

Looking at the work of Jordan himself is evidence enough that he practice what he preaches. He has a crafted an aesthetic that uses every panel in an effortlessly articulate way, his narratives are touching and occasionally wildly emotive, and there is a subtle yet consistent emphasis on sound that feels that much more sophisticated – like abstract shapes that occupy a space rather than the ambiguous “zaps” of popular super hero comics. His illustration style is clear and unpretentious which is kind of great for the sprawlingly-emotional and situational leaps the frames take you through.

With a illustrative career spanning… well, a long time, the value of Jordan’s work is well worth reimbursing with a few of your own hours.


Page of Only a Movie © Jordan Crane


Cover for Uptight No.3. © Jordan Crane


Crop of Keeping Two © Jordan Crane


Crop of Keeping Two © Jordan Crane


Crop of Keeping Two © Jordan Crane


Cover for chapter two of Unravelling © Jordan Crane