The Graduates 2012: Josh King: Olympics Poster (with Ben West and Felix Heyes)

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Rooftop golf and flammable stationery from The Graduates 2012’s Josh King

When he was a kid, Kingston University alumnus Josh King painted a cow. This singular event, we are told, is to be held responsible for his artistic career to date; although we’d argue that he’s probably gone on to produce better work in the intervening years. Take for example his Par Fore project, a fully functioning mini-golf course on the roof of a derelict building – that’s better than a cow. Similarly his pun-fuelled Olympic poster is both aesthetically pleasing and hilariously funny – also better than a cow.

When he’s not creating cow-surpassing 3D and print work, Josh can be found making completely absurd videos in which he’s either dancing (“although I’ve got dodgy knees, I will dance on request”), wielding a giant fan or dressed as an insect. Terrific work and brilliantly ambitious ideas from a (mostly) stable mind.

“Me and computers don’t get along very well so in my practice I use traditional crafts and if possible I’ll avoid all technology. That said, a scanner and YouTube have come very handy over the past three years… I pride myself on making any brief fun! I like simple ideas, executed well and my work is usually light hearted but deadly serious at the same time.”


The Graduates 2012: Josh King: Olympics Poster (with Ben West and Felix Heyes)


The Graduates 2012: Josh King: Olympics Poster (with Felix Heyes, Paul Nelson & Ben West)

Why or who or what made you go to art school?

When I was a kid I painted a cow. I’m still proud of that cow, I think I was destined for art school after that.

What’s the best mistake you made when you were studying?

I once made petrol scented candles. It wasn’t a mistake but it could have been. Luckily no one got hurt. 

If you could show you your work to one person, who would you choose, what would you show them?

I would love to talk to David Hockney about his work and also show him the London Olympic posters my classmates and I made earlier this year as his 1972 Munich Olympic poster is the most beautiful image I have ever seen.

Can you give us one prediction about your work for the next year?

As long as my attitude to life doesn’t change then I can only see my work getting bigger and better, or smaller and better.

What’s the best thing you saw in the last three years?

I saw my friend accidentally wee in his own mouth. Great, but disgusting.


The Graduates 2012: Josh King: Par Fore (Felix Heyes)


The Graduates 2012: Josh King: Par Fore (Felix Heyes)


The Graduates 2012: Josh King: Par Fore (Felix Heyes)


The Graduates 2012: Josh King: Speed Drawing


The Graduates 2012: Josh King: Speed Drawing


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