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Justine Rivas’ poetry inspired melodic paintings

Brooklyn-based artist Justine Rivas’ paintings are full to the brim with luscious layers and coloured counterparts. The melodic disposition of Justine’s work is developed from the artist’s key influences being poets such as Eileen Myles and CA Conrad.

Through free-flowing brush marks Justine’s paintings have a naturally serene quality. Paint is layered thickly merging warming colour palettes in directional strokes, building a depth of foreground shapes. Graduating with a BFA in Printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute, the artist clearly considers the background elements of her paintings to build a coherent piece as a whole. This is particularly evident in pieces where paint is layered thinly to create texture, shown in the artist’s Studio Study pieces.

Alongside her paintings, Justine is currently working on a book of poems and drawings to be released with San Franciscan gallery Alter Space. The artist’s work will additionally be on display at Amor, a group exhibition in Mexico City, from 10 February.


Justine Rivas: Studio Study


Justine Rivas: Studio Study


Justine Rivas: Mother Ann


Justine Rivas: Mother Ann


Justine Rivas: Horse


Justine Rivas


Justine Rivas: Looking Glass