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The poised collages of New Contemporaries artist Katja Angeli

Danish-born artist Katja Angeli creates poised collages of simplicity and wonderment. Now settled in London after studying at both University of the Arts London and Royal College of Art, Katja’s subtle artworks have gained her a selection for Bloomberg New Contemporaries, as well as being awarded the prestigious Clifford Chance Purchase Prize earlier this year.

“My work projects a surreal, carnivalesque world of shifting shapes, forms and scenes, referencing the body in a digital context,” says Katja. “There is a strong performative aspect to my work and the idea of play is central to my practice in relation to themes to do with transformation and identity.” Performing shapes are certainly evident in the artist’s work, curved forms layered on top of one another gracefully. “My compositions play on the slippage between figuration and abstraction, offering a pervading sense of plenitude.”

Katja’s practice is “concerned with the process of making as a way to connect with the world in a digital age,” says the artist. “Recently I have been examining ways of deconstructing the digital imprint, reflecting on the relationship between the digital and physical. The digital artwork eradicates the trace of the hand for an image that seems almost too perfect.” Interfering with the digital, Katja’s practice uses traditional hand-made assemblage techniques with digital mark making, printing onto Japanese paper.

The result is a collection of charming and delicate collage artworks that are definitely worth the fuss Katja’s portfolio seems to be causing in the art world. Katja’s work is currently exhibiting at the ICA.


Katja Angeli: Small works on paper


Katja Angeli: Small works on paper


Katja Angeli: Small works on paper


Katja Angeli: Small works on paper