Keiji Shinohara: Romanza, 2002 (detail). Color woodcut. Edition 15.

Work / Art

Immerse yourself in Keiji Shinohara’s beautifully woodblock printed (yes!) landscapes

Immerse yourself in Keiji Shinohara’s work and breathe in the calm, beautifully rendered views. The printmaking artist is originally from Osaka, and trained for ten years in the traditional Ukiyo-e style of printmaking in Kyoto before moving to the United States – where he is currently based. The mesmerising colourisation, precise compositions, and beautifully measured textures and gradations are all the more startling when we realise that Shinohara works primarily with woodblocks and is fully responsible for every stage of the printing process. The abstracted landscapes convey his keen interest in the natural environment, and are printed on handmade kozo paper with water-based inks. Very impressive indeed.


Keiji Shinohara: Arioso, 2006. Woodblock.


Keiji Shinohara: Autumn, 1995. Color woodcut from 6 blocks with hand-painting. Edition 2


Keiji Shinohara: Sound of Loneliness, 2001. Monoprint with woodcut and hand-painting. Edition 1


Keiji Shinohara: pp, 2004. Color woodcut 11 × 17 in. Edition 30


Keiji Shinohara: Zen, 2000. Monoprint with woodcut, mounted silver leaf, and hand-painting.


Keiji Shinohara: Opus 5, 2007. Monotype. Edition 1


Keiji Shinohara: Sonata, 2005. Color woodcut 11 × 15 in Edition 20.


Keiji Shinohara: Opus 7, 2007. Monotype with mounted platinum leaf and hand-painting. Edition 1


Keiji Shinohara: Symphony, 2002. ed 50. woodblock print