Keith Negley: We Tell No One, Rules (detail)

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Illustration: Keith Negley is still down in the dumps, and we couldn’t be more glad

We were singing Keith Negley’s talents from the rooftops last October when we first came across his emotion-driven narrative illustration, and as it turns out we’re still singing now. (Starting to get a bit hoarse. Top marks for enthusiasm though.)

He’s been in the spotlight a fair bit as of late for his beautiful editorial illustration for the New York Times, which accompanied a story about how suicide rates tend to peak in the spring. It’s high time that his work be recognised, too; taking often tricky subjects such as depression, abuse and loneliness, and finding a way to bring them to life armed with nothing but a soft colour palette and incredibly varied textures, Keith confidently treads where other illustrators fear to, which goes some way to explaining why his client list is longer than several of our arms joined together. How he manages to tackle this difficult topics without succumbing to a perpetually gloomy glass-half-empty outlook is beyond us, but we’re awfully glad he does.


Keith Negley: Conversion


Keith Negley: We Tell No One, Dear God


Keith Negley: A Trigger for Talk (for Newsweek)


Keith Negley: Suicide (for the New York Times)


Keith Negley: Her Tree


Keith Negley: We Tell No One, Thor


Keith Negley: We Tell No One, Rules