Klaus Kremmerz' felt tip illustrations are filled with mature nostalgia

31 October 2016

Klaus Kremmerz is an illustrator who has familiarised himself with a style, a tool and a subject to create incredibly detailed illustrations with a coating of nostalgia.

Despite the resurgence of colouring books’ popularity, actual illustrations using the classic felt tip pen aren’t so regular anymore. However, Klaus is an illustrator who embraces the humble tool, creating pieces of work reminiscent of childhood pastimes. Yet, the quirky context of Klaus’ illustrative content produces prints we would want on our walls as adults too, his drawings bringing back fuzzy reminiscences of when you would fill a piece of paper with layer upon layer of felt tip pen.

Klaus’ ability to illustrate landscapes and interiors of immense depth is an enviable skill. This is an ability evident in 4 People a cheekily endearing drawing of what appears to be a west coast landscape, open plan buildings and infinity pools, saturated in his luscious eye for colour. This is similar within The Flying Man a drawing depicting a superhero figure upon a high rise building, again filled with that lovely felt-tip coating.

Each of these drawings were completed by Klaus over the past year whilst “I was looking for my own voice,” he explains. “Now I have found it, I’m ready to talk.”


Klaus Kremmerz: 4 People


Klaus Kremmerz: Brooklyn


Klaus Kremmerz: Clown


Klaus Kremmerz: Jump


Klaus Kremmerz: Lucha Libre


Klaus Kremmerz: Talk

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