Koen Taselaar: Patternpattern #11 (detail)

Work / Illustration

Illustration, typography and drawing: Koen Taselaar is a creative mastermind

Glancing your eye over new artwork it is almost second nature to categorise it into a mental folder – there’s a drawer for illustration, a drawer for painting, and a little drawer in the corner for really really weird stuff right? But what makes artist Koen Taselaar extraordinarily cool is try as you might you can’t possibly put one single label on his work. Creating drawings, illustrations, collages, sculpture AND beautiful typography, Koen Taselaar can only be described as a master of all things creative and if you thought quality would inevitably differ between medium you couldn’t be more wrong.

Rather impressively Koen is somehow amazing at all of the above and as a result his online portfolio is absolutely stunning. With each of his pieces intricately detailed, his raw talent, creativity and obvious passion for the art is undeniable.

Living between Berlin and Rotterdam and with titles for his work including Cigarette Butt Sluts, Binge Drawing and The Depressed Colourwheel, he seems a rather cool guy too. What’s not to love?


Koen Taselaar: Patternpattern #5


Koen Taselaar: The Beast Burger, Imaginary Band #142


Koen Taselaar: Cigarette Butt Sluts – Imaginary Band #163


Koen Taselaar: Multititled


Koen Taselaar: The Tipless Iceberg, Imaginary Band #154


Koen Taselaar: Trail and Terror – Imaginary Band #165


Koen Taselaar: Bottle Hunter, Imaginary Band #119