Kustaa Saksi: Sony Playstation

Work / Illustration

Enjoy a dip into the colourful, beautiful world of Kustaa Saksi’s illustration

Anyone cool enough to have a studio propped on the top of an old chocolate factory in the middle of Amsterdam, deserves a little pat on the back for originality but when you are the owner of that very studio AND you happen to be the brains behind some truly stunning illustration, you deserve a pat on the back, some mighty recognition and a little gold badge telling everyone quite how great you are.

Gold badge we can’t quite do, but what we can do is tell you that when it comes to illustration, Kustaa Saksi is one talented man and with his colour-drenched illustrations (and his chocolate factory studio) set to brighten up any dreary day, you can’t help but fall in love with his work.

But it’s not just us raving about this man’s talent, being commissioned left right and centre by the likes of Microsoft, Cartoon Network and Nissan and with a portfolio brimming with distinctive heavy patterns and beautifully detailed designs – Kustaa Saksi has us all seriously impressed.


Kustaa Saksi: Sony Playstation


Kustaa Saksi: Sony Playstation


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Kustaa Saksi: Microsoft