Leif Podhajsky: Food

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Graphic Design: Leif Podhajsky’s latest work for Kelis is a stunning vinyl package

As far as we can tell the only criteria Leif Podhajsky has for collaborating with a musical artist is their current level of cool. A swift scroll through his now expansive portfolio reveals nothing but exquisite imagery for the very finest artists of the moment. Usually he seems to work for musicians on the cusp of global success (Foals, Tame Impala and Lykke Li being perfect cases in point) but his latest collaboration is with someone much more established; Kelis.

In the artwork for her new album Food, Leif has brought his comprehensive understanding of music packaging to bear on a beautifully designed 12” gatefold in which every detail has been thoroughly considered. Unusually for him the front cover of the album is relatively simple, featuring Kelis’ face overlaid with some chunky type, but no expense has been spared on the vinyl itself – a multicoloured, patterned number that displays his trademark psychedelic symmetry. He’s also done a great job on the singles, echoing the palette of the main album to bring everything together as a cohesive whole.


Leif Podhajsky: Food


Leif Podhajsky: Food


Leif Podhajsky: Food


Leif Podhajsky: Food


Leif Podhajsky: Jerk Ribs


Leif Podhajsky: Rumbles