Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez: America

Work / Illustration

Pow! Enjoy some mad old illustration from Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez is an illustrator of some remarkable skill residing in the Maryland region of the USA – Baltimore to be exact. With pastel shades and complex, linear constructions of sprawling cities and jolly characters he’s slowly but surely garnering a reputation for himself, winning commissions for the likes of Esquire and The Believer. Our favourite piece of his work explores the genesis of New York City’s grid system which surely earns him a prize for simultaneously making the subject of US urban planning interesting and giving characters in period costume beaks for literally no explicable reason. Bravo!


Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez: Community Center


Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez: The Arsenal of Exclusion/Inclusion


Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez: America


Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez: NYC Grid Founders


Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez: NYC Grid Founders


Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez: NYC Grid Founders