Lianne Nixon’s Eames-inspired interior illustrations

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Lianne Nixon’s Eames-inspired interior illustrations

Dutch illustrator Lianne Nixon’s eye for perspective helps her create impeccable interior illustrations. This fascination with decorative homes started with a design purchase, a replica of an Eames DAW chair.

“Ever since I have been creating with no end, drawing my constantly changing vision of a perfect interior.” Using pencils, markers and tape, Lianne draws living rooms, bedrooms and hallways that she loves. “And like in real life, I start to stuff them with accessories and plants. By doing so I create living environments that seem both accessible and in reach, even though they are filled with designer pieces with the likes of Eames, Rietveld, Arne Jacobsen or a Malevich painting, tucked away in the corner.”

Lianne recently created a series for Say Hi To’s Design Studies which saw her dive into the work of one designer. Aptly, the illustrator chose Charles and Ray Eames, “where it all started”. The illustrations depict “a (real) DAW chair, The Eames House, a close-up of the Eiffel legs and an interior containing classics as The Lounge Chair, the Eames Plywood Elephant and the LTR side table”.


Lianne Nixon: Green Interior


Lianne Nixon: Green Living Room


Lianne Nixon: Lofty


Lianne Nixon: Mixed Design


Lianne Nixon: Say Hi To


Lianne Nixon: Say Hi To


Lianne Nixon: Student Room


Lianne Nixon: Wire Chair