Liliana Ovalle, El Otro (de los Mugrosos)

Work / Product Design

Liliana Ovalle’s seating pieces inspired by improvisation in Mexico City

The Mugroso Couch, Mugrosita chair and El Otro (de los Mugrosos) sofa are an ongoing collection started in 2006 of casually-composed seating pieces inspired by the “improvisation and low resources” of the people in Mexico City. Royal College of Art graduate and Mexico-city-born designer, Liliana Ovalle, has taken the functional ingenuity of binding, tying and pushing through carriables onto wire frames and transportation trollies, applying this collage-like logic to her furniture. The results are wonderfully aesthetic, intuitively constructed with a direct line to their reference material, all in all, telling a very nice design story.


Liliana Ovalle, Mugrosita Chair


Liliana Ovalle, Mugrosita Chair


Liliana Ovalle, Mugrosa Couch


Liliana Ovalle, Mugrosa Couch


Liliana Ovalle, reference material