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The delicately ornate, but very cheeky sculptures of Liv and Dom

The sculptural work of twin sisters Liv and Dom Cave-Sutherland is sweet and sharp. A combination of both their process and outcome the sisters create clay and fabric products with an innate cheeky expression.

Liv and Dom’s clay pieces, in their hot pink tones often covered in glitter, are quaintly assembled pieces. However, it’s the naughty disposition that graces each one of their works that separates them from archetypal ceramic products. For instance, their incense holders have cheerful appearances, but their pursed heart shaped lips are juxtaposed with a suggestive positioning of legs, open to hold the incense sticks.

The pair’s fabric pieces emulate this personality as well, comical and silly expressions. The charm of these works is Liv and Dom’s decision to regular put them in-situ, adding an environment for their characters to live within, whether it’s a Wotsit tanned bikini babe on the beach, or a figure with a shocked expression that her dungarees have fallen down etc…

Following their popularity online, we look forward to seeing how Liv and Dom’s process expands, and hope to see more and more of their chucklesome characters come to life.


Liv and Dom


Liv and Dom


Liv and Dom


Liv and Dom


Liv and Dom