Loose Leaf Edition 02

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Loose Leaf Editions return with a killer new edition of their beautiful mag

It’s been a year and a half since edition one hit our office but San Franciscan publishers Loose Leaf Editions have returned with edition number two of their beautiful unbound publication. The concept of the latest edition is the same; large image-rich pages of newly-commissioned artworks that incorporate some of the very finest practitioners working today, only this time the images are based on interpretations of landscape.

Unsurprisingly the guys at Loose Leaf have sourced a great list of names including INT favourites Jon Boam and Chris Dent as well as big names like NASA (seriously) who have kindly provided a photograph of the planet Mars. It’s as ambitious a piece of print as you’ll come across this year and as ever the format means you can use the pages any way you please; either as a volume that you read from cover to cover or a series of prints to be hung indulgently from your wall.


Loose Leaf Edition 02


Loose Leaf Edition 02: Casey Reas


Loose Leaf Edition 02: Jon Boam


Loose Leaf Edition 02: Vincent Fournier


Loose Leaf Edition 02: Youngsuk Suh


Loose Leaf Edition 02: NASA


Loose Leaf Edition 02: Chris Dent


Loose Leaf Edition 02: Justin Fanti


Loose Leaf Edition 02: Nicholas Cope