Lorenz Klingebiel: The Zukunft Series

Work / Graphic Design

Graphic design by the people, for the people/fun by Lorenz Klingebiel

There’s great appeal to the contemporary-nod-at-those-before design portfolio of Lorenz Klingebiel – it’s inclusive and full of social graphics projects that range from an in-college Copy Shop with a trusty black and white copier to a rather great poster series that uses Zukunft a typeface of Lorenz’s making (a combination of opposing faces Garabond and Grotesque in a contemporary “re-interpretation of the typographic view on the future in the tradition of Futura”!) which was then applied by 11 designers of various standing onto a classic poster work. Lorenz’s portfolio is full of curatorial endeavours that react directly with current affairs and yes, trends, but all the better for it.


Lorenz Klingebiel: The Zukunft Series – Sebastian Pataki


Lorenz Klingebiel: The Zukunft Series – Benjamin Franzki & Jan Münz, Studio 2+


Lorenz Klingebiel: The Zukunft Series – Fraser Muggeridge, London


Lorenz Klingebiel: The Zukunft Series – Guillaume Grall, Playgground


Lorenz Klingebiel: Copy Shop


Lorenz Klingebiel: Copy Shop


Lorenz Klingebiel: Copy Shop