Lucas Foglia: Desk, Sassafras Community, Tennessee

Work / Exhibition

Lucas Foglia’s breathtaking images glimpse into America’s ‘off-grid’ communities

The “back to the land movement” families and communities of modern America are some of the least-documented elements in the make-up of modern capitalism’s heartland. Their rejection of contemporary technologies and lifestyles in favour of a more natural, perhaps primitive, existence is so at odds with the USA’s ideals and objectives that you’d struggle not to be fascinated by the manner in which these extraordinary folks choose to live.

Lucas Foglia spent his formative years living in one such community and since 2006 has returned to his roots to document the lives of other ‘off-grid’ inhabitants in their day-to-day activities, armed with nothing more than a camera and his camper van.

The resulting images, A Natural Order, offer a breathtaking documentation of an anachronistic American populous, living outside of both modern society and a specific historical timeframe. Rendered in colours evocative of the rich palettes of the Flemish masters, Lucas’ images allow us a fleeting glimpse of a world we could never hope to know fully but are delighted to stare at in wonder all the same.

A Natural Order will be on show at the Michael Hoppen Gallery from November 9 until December 1.


Lucas Foglia: Cora Aiming, Tennessee


Lucas Foglia: Woodcutting, Russell Creek Community, Tennessee


Lucas Foglia: National Geographic, Wildroots Homestead, North Carolina


Lucas Foglia: Scarecrow, Tennessee


Lucas Foglia: Andrew and Taurin Drinking Raw Goat’s Milk, Tennessee


Lucas Foglia: Homeschooling Chalkboard, Tennessee


Lucas Foglia: David in his Wigwam, Kevin’s Land, Virginia


Lucas Foglia: Cora and Wesley, Tennessee


Lucas Foglia: Lunea with Deer Rib, Kevin’s Land, Virginia


Lucas Foglia: Venison for Canning, Tennessee


Lucas Foglia: Family Portrait with the Photograph George Took of Christina at their Wedding, Tennessee


Lucas Foglia: Acorn with Possum Stew, Wildroots Homestead, North Carolina