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Swedish illustrator Malin Rosenqvist creates textural works about psychology and powerful women

Stockholm-based illustrator Malin Rosenqvist is back from a year of maternity leave with a flurry of charming editorial works. Having refined her hand-drawn, textural style since we last featured her illustrations, the collection is full of charisma and an attractive combination of rich colours.

A pair of portraits for children’s book Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls by Timbuktu Labs depicts extraordinary women in history, on patterned backdrops that give them a tapestry-like quality. “I’ve drawn Kate Sheppard, suffragette, and Lozen, Apache warrior!” she explains.

A regular editorial commission from Swedish magazine Modern Psykologi sees Malin illustrate Q&A articles on topics surrounding psychology. With her soft-edged, colourful figures, the simple spots are a friendly accompaniment to the diverse topics.

“I draw by hand in black,” Malin explains of her process, “scan the images and then colour and collage everything in Photoshop.” On coming back to work she says: “I’m really excited to be working again!! I’ve missed drawing, and I’ve missed my studio.”


Malin Rosenqvist: Lozen for Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls


Malin Rosenqvist: Kate Sheppard for Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls


Malin Rosenqvist: Modern Psykologi


Malin Rosenqvist: Modern Psykologi


Malin Rosenqvist: Modern Psykologi


Malin Rosenqvist: Råd & Rön magazine


Malin Rosenqvist: Modern Psykologi


Malin Rosenqvist: Modern Psykologi


Malin Rosenqvist: Modern Psykologi


Malin Rosenqvist: Modern Psykologi


Malin Rosenqvist: Sleeping Disorders for Life magazine