Marc Newson: Nimrod Chair (2012) (Copyright Tom Vack)

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Marc Newson’s comprehensively captured in stunning new book

With the print industry flailing around like a boozy reveller in a deceptively deep fountain, you might think that publishers would be keen to snare buyers with cut-price offers. Not so over at Taschen where bigger is better as exemplified by their gorgeous new Marc Newson monograph, a 610-page behemoth, the special edition of which retails at a cool £3,500 (regular edition £650).

But if you’re going to go big, then it makes sense to take on a talent as immense as Marc Newson. The Australian-born London based designer is undoubtedly one of the industry’s genuine superstars – in 2005 he was named by TIME as one of the most influential people in the world. From furniture to fashion, shops to a spaceship (I know!) it’s all here to be pored and purred over and it’s an important record of a hugely significant design figure.


Taschen: Marc Newson Works


Marc Newson: Embryo Chair (1988) (Copyright Fabrice Gousset)


Marc Newson: Gagosian Shows (2007/2008) (Copyright Larry Lamay/Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery)


Marc Newson: Orgone Stretch and Lounge (1993) (Copyright Fabrice Gousset/Courtesy of Galerie Kreo)


Marc Newson: Ikepod Case Study Hemipode (1998) (Copyright Philippe Joner, blacksquare.ch)


Marc Newson: Case Study Ford 021C (1999) (Copyright Tom Vack)


Marc Newson: Lockheed Lounge (1988) (Copyright Karin Catt)


Marc Newson: Zvezdochka Sneaker (2004) (Copyright Fabrice Gousset )


Marc Newson: Digital Camera (2012) (Copyright Philippe Joner, blacksquare.ch)