Work / Illustration

Cheeky, saucy but rather classy work by Marianna Tomaselli

Based in Milan, Marianna Tomaselli creates images that manage to be elegant, while also very, very cheeky. Honing in on those moments of sexuality in the everyday – a frisson in a bathtub, an erotically-charged bathroom encounter – each piece has a considered feel among the titillation.

Her use of texture is gorgeous, and the jarring lines of the limbs of her subjects adds an unusual finish. Although the bright colours and overtly voyeuristic feel to her tennis images is great, where we really feel the work succeeds is in the more muted colours of the subtler pieces, where her knack for character design and figure really shines.


Marianna Tomaselli: Bathroom


Marianna Tomaselli: Bathroom


Marianna Tomaselli: Donna Copia


Marianna Tomaselli: Lettura


Marianna Tomaselli: Tennis