Mario Zucca: Kindergarten 1985 (detail)

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Mario Zucca treats us to some terrific drawings of his 1970s parents

Mario Zucca makes work that’s immediately American. The Pennsylvanian illustrator takes his visual cues from Robert Crumb and the kind of colour palettes that feel familiar form the days of Mad. As far as client lists go, he’s got a big one having commissioned by everyone from The New York Times and Maxim to Crayola and ESPN. It goes without saying that he’s great at what he does, but we’re especially keen on his autobiographical drawings of him and his family through the ages, rendered beautifully in the pages of his sketchbook. Once you’ve seen his uncle Vince grooming a cat you’re sure to be a lifelong fan of this excellent illustrator.


Mario Zucca: Dad and Taunus, 1969


Mario Zucca: Mom, Dad, 1972


Mario Zucca: Mom, Licusati, 1958


Mario Zucca: Mom, Switzerland, 1974


Mario Zucca: Uncle Vince Grooming a Cat


Mario Zucca: Kindergarten 1985