Mark Mulroney: Spring Time Pictures

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Cartoon abstraction in Mark Mulroney’s new show Spring Time Pictures

Good news! Mark Mulroney’s collage and painted comic abstractions (that featured in issue eight of our magazine) – as funny as the viewer is suggestively minded, or else just nicely composed works of the cartoon variety – are now on show at London’s Galleries Goldstein.

His intuitively-composed works are playful and honest, drawing from the years of pictorial education courtesy of Iron Maiden record covers, comics and naked ladies in magazines. It’s fun not “fine” and artists who can boast being able to evoke anything other than blinks from a viewer are rarer then you’d think.

Part of the joy of the work is Mark’s ability to give life to inanimate things: “Every object is a character. They might not have a specific name or personality but they do play a role in the story of the picture.” You can see this approach in his !!! series that animates such innocuous items as a string of sausages.

So if your favourite cartoon character is Ren from Ren and Stimpy and have a penchant for visual innuendos, there is literally no where else you should be.


Mark Mulroney: Spring Time Pictures


Mark Mulroney: Spring Time Pictures


Mark Mulroney: !!!


Mark Mulroney: !!!

Mark Mulroney’s Spring Time Pictures will be on show from May 3 to May 26.