Massimo Listri finds tranquility in documenting empty museums and palaces

27 September 2012
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If you’ve ever wandered around a public space when it is completely deserted you’ll know that it is a special but pretty surreal experience. So when Massimo Listri went about photographing some of Europe’s biggest and most beautiful public spaces with not a single person to be seen, the results were unsurprisingly rather stunning.

Capturing the incredible architecture tucked inside the likes of Rome’s Vatican Museum and Florence’s equally beautiful Palazzo Pitti (yes this man aims high) as Massimo puts it, his photographs offer: “an expression of tranquility and silence in this chaotic society” and we couldn’t agree more – plus they’re beautiful!

Showing off the vastness of each architectural space, the photographs strip back each building to their very most beautiful and natural states, offering a refreshingly alternate view on these spaces in which unless you happen to be a museum guard or a palace cleaner you are unlikely to have ever seen before.


Massimo Listri: Pierrefont Copia


Massimo Listri: Pal Reale Stoccolma Copia


Massimo Listri: Library Archivio Indie


Massimo Listri: Reggia Di Venaria Copia


Massimo Listri: Versailles 3 Copia


Massimo Listri: Castello Di Friedstein A Gotha


Massimo Listri: Untitled

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