Micha Huigen’s illustrations are graphic and full of vibrant, secretive life

The illustrator creates dynamic and detailed works where stories are hidden behind every corner.

24 May 2023


One glance isn’t enough to fully enjoy the work of illustrator Micha Huigen. The immersive­ art style of the Netherlands-based artist is crafted in such a way that invites viewers on a (possibly endless) visual journey. Evoking all the best parts of vintage graphic novel art and psychedelic colour palettes, Micha wants his viewers to “wander around in the works”, as he tells us. “It’s very important for people to stay curious,” he adds. Taking influence from the likes of James Jean and Pat Perry, Micha wishes to focus on the “state of wonder” that can spark positivity as we navigate the world.

That’s exactly the essence of Micha’s work, as dynamic and whimsical stories spring out from every corner of his illustrations. In one image, there’s a plant growing in a place you wouldn’t expect it to, and then another reveals an interesting shadow play around human figures. Additionally, while these works have all the aesthetic cues of something artisanal, they’re mostly rendered digitally. “I create visual stories while always trying to find a good balance between detail and legibility,” he says.

As an accomplished illustrator with a clear point of view, there’s no wondering why Micha’s work has been tapped for various album covers, posters and editorial features in the likes of Washington Post and Vice.


Micha Huigen: Wayfarer (Copyright © Micha Huigen, 2023)


Micha Huigen: Bodapod (Copyright © Micha Huigen, 2022)


Micha Huigen: Volkskrant Cover (Copyright © Micha Huigen, 2021)


Micha Huigen: Morgenbladet Corona (Copyright © Micha Huigen, 2022)


Micha Huigen: Solenoid (Copyright © Micha Huigen, 2023)


Micha Huigen: Wayfarer II (Copyright © Micha Huigen, 2023)


Micha Huigen: Care (Copyright © Micha Huigen, 2020)


Micha Huigen: Stay Curious (Copyright © Micha Huigen, 2021)

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Micha Huigen: Sow thistle (Copyright © Micha Huigen, 2021)

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