Michael Beitz: Knot

Work / Architecture

Oh wow! Michael Beitz turns everyday furniture into sculptural masterpieces

For most people furniture comes via a trip to Ikea or a flea market down the road but for Michael Beitz, furniture is a whole new ball game. Transforming everyday objects into sculptural masterpieces it seems that Michael Beitz doesn’t mess around when it comes to furnishings and with a portfolio as cool as his, who can blame him?

From knotted sofas, never ending picnic benches, arched dining tables and a house that folds into flatpack as you pedal – Michael’s portfolio sounds like something out of a far-fetched daydream but luckily for us, Michael turns his all these crazy-sounding ideas into reality and with the end results combining just the right amount of beauty and mind boggling design we are seriously impressed!

His hinged tree is pretty cool too…. need I say any more?


Michael Beitz: Hinged Tree


Michael Beitz: Dining Table


Michael Beitz: Cloud Chair


Michael Beitz: It’s No Picnic Table


Michael Beitz: Folding House (New Mexico)


Michael Beitz: Folding House (Buffalo)