Michiel Schuurman: Effect Rating

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Graphic Design: Eye-popping posters from the phenomenal Michiel Schuurman

There’s few people out there in the creative world who understand print quite as well as Michiel Schuurman; the man is a master at producing fiendishly complex typographic posters and then turning them into laboriously screen printed final pieces which he prints all under his own steam. Ten, 20, 30 colours, mixing colours on screen, printing rasterised images so small that the pixellation barely registers on the final print – this guy does it all, like an ink-slinging maverick. Pleasingly he also does it with phenomenal results. The vibrancy of Michiel’s posters in the flesh is nothing short of incredible and puts many a giclee-reliant illustrator to shame. It’s good to get your fingers inky, particularly when the results look this ruddy good.


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