Miguel Vides wants to investigate art that connects with the masses

Based in Madrid, the artist boasts a fun, pop-infused portfolio filled with graphic design and photography work.

There’s a specific kind of fun which permeates the work of visual artist Miguel Vides. It’s kitsch, sometimes jovial, and often delightfully nostalgic. “That’s why I’m very interested in pop art and pop culture,” Miguel tells It’s Nice That. Primarily a graphic designer and photographer, Miguel is interested in how visual artistic and design related disciplines can intertwine with one another. Often, that can lead him to an array of mediums involved in one project, including the likes of graphic design, photography, illustration and even graffiti.

“I like to focus on themes and motifs that people can recognise and thus connect to a feeling,” Miguel says on what drives their art. “I’m intrigued by how images, people and objects become tradition, unremovable icons, archetypes of a whole generation.” One way Miguel tries to unearth these images is by appealing to the viewer, whether through a “familiar face, recognisable icon or a universal emotion.”


Miguel Vides: Vennez à Paris (Come to Paris) (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2022)


Miguel Vides: Huevos (Eggs) (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2022)


Miguel Vides: Vacaciones (Holidays) (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2022)


Miguel Vides: Perro con calor (Hot dog) (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2022)


Miguel Vides: Domingo (Sunday) (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2022)


Miguel Vides: Sabrina (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2021)


Miguel Vides: Una costumbre ancestral, Cabiria (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2022)


Miguel Vides: Mejas (for Sideguise magazine) (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2022)


Miguel Vides: Tú (You) (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2022)

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Miguel Vides: Index for La <3 magazine (Copyright © Miguel Vides, 2022)

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