Mike Lemanski for Monocle

Work / Graphic Design

Remember our old friend Mike Lemanski? He’s still creating awesome work

We’re pretty big fans of Mike Lemanski. The man’s just got a knack for making things that look seriously good, whether they’re paintings, illustrations or just nice bits of graphic design. Oddly we’ve not sung Mike’s praises for over a year, which seems ridiculous as he’s been shooting out great work the whole time. So to right that wrong here are some snapshots of his recent creations to remind us, and you, why we love him so much. Be sure to check out Mike’s website to see the full extent of his talents.


Mike Lemanski: Beachside


Mike Lemanski: Constellations


Mike Lemanski for Feuilleton


Mike Lemanski for Feuilleton


Mike Lemanski for Nike


Mike Lemanski for Fortune