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More fab work from Bureau Mirko Borsche for Bayerische Staatsoper

Bureau Mirko Borsche has created the Bayerische Staatsoper posters for its 2016 season, creating designs for the famed opera company that manage to straddle the classic and the modern.

The images use the opera’s simple serif typeface, Scotch New Modern, against a backdrop that changes with each of the 16 posters in the series. These have a feeling of fluidity and dynamism thanks to their unusual abstractions, with some rendered in colourful painterly strokes and others using photographs as a starting point. Each image was created by Jorinde Voigt, who took the play it advertises and reinterpreted it visually. The muted backdrops act as the perfect setting for sketched designs and flashes of colour, with diagrammatic annotations adding to a feel of spontaneity.

“The layout melts together with the drawings: sometimes it’s opaque,and sometimes it lays over the type,” Mirko explains.

The agency also designed the posters for the organisation’s season last year, which used a more character-led, illustrative feel.


Bureau Mirko Borsche: Bayerische Staatsoper posters


Bureau Mirko Borsche: Bayerische Staatsoper posters


Bureau Mirko Borsche: Bayerische Staatsoper posters


Bureau Mirko Borsche: Bayerische Staatsoper posters