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Bureau Mirko Borsche unveils rejected Phaidon covers for Performance book

Often with design projects it’s just as fascinating to see the designs rejected along the way as it is the final solution to a brief, and these Bureau Mirko Borsche designs for Phaidon are a perfect example of that. The studio has posted ten designs it put forward for Phaidon’s Performance book, which traces 100 years in theatre, dance and music. For such sprawling subject matter it’s little surprise to see such a broad range of responses – there’s the flapping theatre curtain, a bold yellow ransom-letter style approach and a Míro-esque arrangement alongside more pared-back monochrome designs. It’s intriguing to know what didn’t make the grade, it would be even more intriguing to know a little more about the client/designer toing and froing…An idea for a Tumblr perhaps?


Bureau Mirko Borsche: Performance rejected covers


Bureau Mirko Borsche: Performance rejected covers


Bureau Mirko Borsche: Performance rejected covers