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Miscellaneous: Clever campaign for storms to be named after climate change deniers

Ah the drag of sorting the recycling out! We know it all too well. But persist, you are doing the right thing because even if rinsing your yogurt pots out for those weekly green bin empties doesn’t stop the polar ice caps melting straight away, you are one of millions of people agreeing that climate change is happening.

Over in the United States however, despite it being the hottest year on record, there are still a few prominent policy makers with their heads in the stormy clouds, convinced it is not really a thing and actually preventing progress from happening.

But the company Climate Name Change might just have come up with one of the most wonderfully provocative and pertinent solutions to shake things up. Launching a petition that calls for 25,000 signatures ready to be sent to the World Meteorological Organisation, they are aiming to have extreme storms named after these climate change deniers. With a powerful film to accompany their campaign, they show hurricanes like Congressman Michele Bachmann tearing up Florida or Senator David Vitter ripping through the North East whilst Governor Rick Perry floods New Orleans.

Clever, funny and terrifically thought-provoking, it’s good to see such powerful creative thinking in this context.


Climate Name Change: Petition video


Climate Name Change: Petition video


Climate Name Change: Petition video


Climate Name Change: Petition video