Pavlos: Ties (paper and plexiglass)


Pavlos: Cigar (paper and plexiglass)


Pavlos: Shirt (paper and plexiglass)


Alexandros Vasmoulakis: Perfect


Alexandros Vasmoulakis: I Smell Something Burning


Alexandros Vasmoulakis: Neighbours


Beetroot Design Group Romeo & Juliet (every reference to the title characters in the play is connected with red ink)


Beetroot Design Group Romeo & Juliet


Nikolaos Dervisis: One Rule


Nikolaos Dervisis: Untitled


Chris Papasotiriou Untitled

Work / Graphic Design

Modern Greek art: a snapshot

Greece has made all sorts of headlines recently concerning its economic troubles and the angry reactions of its citizenry to the Government’s cutbacks (sound familiar?). This week we were visited by Sofia Stergiopoulou, an Athens-based graphic designer, who gave us the lowdown on her homeland’s creative scene and a fascinating insight into some of the most exciting work being done there.

“Greeks seem to be always in some sort of trouble. Although they have always lived in endless political and financial insecurity, they never let go of the love to create and express themselves.

“There are many interesting artists working during the last decades. Under the pressure of the rather narrow- minded Greek society and sometimes using just what they can, they have managed to create and express themselves in some innovative ways.

“From the cheerful papers of Pavlos, to the beautiful, dark characters of Vasmoulakis and the confusion of the current generation, Greece always seems to have something to say.”